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Grade: Cup from 3 to 36.
Appearance: Powder
Color: Light Brown
Raw Material: Cortex of stark/ No chemicals
Usage: For making Incense, Mosquito Coil
Density (g/ml): 0.40-0.65
Water Content: 10-12%
Kinds: From cup 5 to cup 24
Viscosity: As the Viscosity report
Packing: 50 kg / 01 PP bag. 18 MT/  20 Container or 36 MT/ 40′ Container
Application: Incense Sticks, Dhoop Sticks/Moulds, Masala Stick, Mosquito Coils.

Red Wood Powder
Joss Powder
Gum / Glue Powder
Jiggat Powder

Target Countries : India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, Nepal.


Product Specifications:
– Viscosity: 178 CP (RVF Brookfield viscometer-Spindle no.1-Speed 10 RPM)
– Moisture: 10% max
– Mesh size 80: 91.4%
– Color: Creamish White
– Packing: 50kgs/PP bag, 16.60MTS/20’ Container OR 32 MT/40′ Container

Application: Primarily for Mosquito Coil also as White Incense Stick and Animal Feed (Poultry Feed, Bovines likes Cow, Sheep)


White Wood Powder
Onggok Powder
Tapioca Powder
Gum Powder

Target Countries : India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia.

About Us

Thien Dat is well established and reputed company in Gia Lai Province with interests in Saw Wood and Joss Powder from Litsea Glutinosa Tree. Joss Powder has strong viscosity & adhesive properties and is an primary Raw Material in making of Incense/Agarbatti/Dhoop Sticks and Mosquito Coils.

Headed by our Dynamic Managing Director, Ms Nguyet Duong, we have grown strength to strength over the years. Carrying over 15 years experience in this business, she is native of Gia Lai Province belonging to Central Highlands of Vietnam, which grows Litsea Glutinosa Tree is grown in abundance. 

We offer Original Source direct from our factory product with perfect Quality and product consistency. We stock the Raw Material, so we are able to meet customers demand round the years without any delays.

We look for long term co-operation and supply with our customers.

Consistent Quality

Joss Powder is consistent in specifications & viscosity for each shipment.

Competitive Prices

We offer industry best prices with no third party Commission involved.


All our dealing are honest and we maintain utmost transparency with all our buyers.




From time immemorial, man has been fascinated by the fragrance of Nature and has every time tried to bring this fragrance right into surroundings so that he might
enjoy it further. In our Hindu mythology, it was a way of life to evoke the blessings of the Almighty for the victory of good over evil. All evil thoughts and portents had to be driven out and the atmosphere cleared of all evil smells. Thus, the habit of burning incense, barks and herbs formed a part of rituals.


In the Southern States of India of rolling this fragrance emitting
mixture (Dhoop) over thin splinters or sticks of Bamboo which when lit wafted fragrance through the smoke. These came to be known as Agarbathi / Incense / Joss / Dhoop Sticks and so on. The soothing fragrance of agarbathi creates a mood of serenity, bringing tranquility and concentration of mind. Agarbathies are also used in everyday life as air fresheners and to enliven the surroundings.

Joss Powder also called as Glue or Binder is an essential product in making of Incense | Agarbatti Sticks. With the help of this Joss Powder, we bind the Charcoal Powder on the Bamboo Stick. It is the Charcoal which burns on the Incense along with the Bamboo, Joss Powder jus acts as a binder to this with the addition of incense and other compounds which are specific to different types of Agarbatti including Masala Stick or the Dhoop Stick.

Joss Powder is made by crushing dry bark and leaves of Litsea Glutinosa Tree. Bark offers maximum viscosity to the powder, while the crushed leaves powder reduces the viscosity. So a right mix of this used to meet the customer demands of Viscosity which we also measure in CUP Size. Starting from 3 CUP to 36 CUPS. 3 CUP is the lowest Viscosity while 36 CUP is maximum viscosity.

Standard CUP used for Agarbatti is 18 CUP to 24 CUP. But we can meet any customer demand for viscosity as measured by Rion’s Viscometer.


T1 White Wood Powder

Application: Making of Incens Stick

Base Material: Rubber Wood

Color : White/ Whitish Grey

Apperance: Powder

Density of Powder: Approx. 0.45-0.65 grams per cup

Mesh Size:50 – 80 (On Customer Demand)

Water Content: 8-10%

Recommended Storage: Dry

Litsea Glutinosa

Litsea glutinosa is a rainforest tree belonging to the leurel family found extensively in South Asia countires Maynamar, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia, Indonesia and Southern China.

In Vietnam it is found in abundance in Central Highlands majorly in Gia Lai Province.

Its a medium sized Tree growing from 3 to 20 meters height. Trre offers lots of uses ranging from food, medicine to commercial applications. The bark and wood containe gluten which is used as a binder in making Agarbatti / incense / dhoop sticks. Seeds core contain oil which is used in soap industry. The roots bark and leaves have medicinal property and are used to reduce fever, reduce swelling and treat diarrhoea.

VISCOSITY – Importance in Incense Stick Making!

Brookfield Dial Reading Viscometer is the lab standard used around the world.

Litsea Glutonisa Tree Bark offers maximum viscosity to the powder, while the crushed leaves powder reduces the viscosity. So a right mix of this used to meet the customer demands of Viscosity which we also measure in CUP Size. Starting from 3 CUP to 36 CUPS. 3 CUP is lowest Viscosity while 36 CUP is maximum viscosity.

Let’s Work Together for a Long Term Relastionship.

We endeavour to be a regular and trusted supplier for the Incense Industry, meeting the industry demands with competitive prices. With our own crushing and powder grading, we can meet any specific CUP size of Joss Powder on customers demand. Feel free to discuss with our Sales Team your requirement and request for Product Sample.



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